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God Answers Moms' Prayers

a book anthology compiled by Allison Bottke
Published by Harvest House, March 2005

Dee knew the doctors had to be wrong. She just knew it. So she prayed and God listened.

Heaven's Special Child

by Dee Smith, Houston, Texas


My husband, Jim, and I sat across from the psychologist. We were waiting for him to tell us the results of our four year old daughter's battery of tests from the previous day. He stacked and shuffled papers. The only other noise in the room was the tick, tick, tick of an antique grandfather clock. It sounded like a time bomb to me. I tried to distract my anxious mind by studying the doctor.

He had a kind face, wore horn-rimmed glasses, and looked like the wise old owl in a Disney movie. He cleared his throat and said, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith, it seems as if your daughter’s problem is not a hearing loss as we suspected, but a--” A harsh, loud, female voice interrupted. “The psychometric testing shows, without a doubt, your daughter is retarded.”

The Gift of Letting Go: Powerful Stories of Forgiveness - A Final Reunion

Published by Borden Books, April 2005
by Dee Smith

"Love covers a multitude of sins." 1 Peter 4:8 NASB


My journey of deliverance from hate is an amazing story of God’s sovereignty and patience. Bitterness flooded my heart for years. The root of bitterness was my father’s intense, unremitting abuse for six years. My memories of childhood were wiped out except for fragments, nightmares, and unexplainable attacks of panic. I felt haunted by evil. Was I beyond God’s reach? I thought so, but one sunny afternoon in a hospital room I learned about forgiveness. Love and mercy triumphed over hatred and vengeance. My father and I reconciled days before he died. How this happened demonstrates God’s power and love....

Published Articles and Essays

"Heaven's Special Child"

in God Answers Mom's Prayers
(Harvest House)
and as an article in The Salvation Army magazine, War Cry.

"Free at Last"

The Gift of Miracles
(Inspirio, Gift Group, Zondervan)

"A Final Reunion"

The Gift of Letting Go - Powerful Stories of Forgiveness
(Honor Books)

"A Mother's Grief"

Trusting Him With Your Addicted Child
compiled by Charlotte Holt

Deliver Us From Evil

a novel
Published by BookSurge, March 2009

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