I present controversial and volatile topics and invite open and frank discussions, but with a positive slant and suggestions for solutions rather than simple expressions of outrage and anger.  As a Christian, I believe there's a lot we can do together.

Too late, people discover—or live through—child abuse, kidnapping or murder of a loved one or someone they know. Knowledge is power, and knowledge about Jesus Christ is supreme power.

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Help for Child Abuse Victims Then and Now...

Within my lifetime, so much has been done to protect our children.  When I was a kid child abuse was merely parental discipline and the authorities and juvenile courts couldn't interfere unless the child's life was in danger.  Sometimes intervention came too late.  Today, there are many adult casualties because children were completely dependent on parents or caretakers.  No one was on their sideIf one told, they weren't believed.  They had no place to go.  Some children, like me, ended up in the hospital and then in the hands of courts.  I'm old enough today to realize the world was at war, soldiers were leaving their young wives and children and never coming back, and most adults didn't know whether the Japanese bombers would reach our shores.  And, guess what?  War is still alive and well, but relocated to the Middle East.

It is my plan that I interview some of the staff of a few of these organizations and pass along to my readers just what they do for children.  Sometimes neighbors, other family members, or teachers, observe or suspect child abuse.  Where do they go for help but keep their report confidential?  What laws protect children?  How far do parental rights go?

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Dee's First Post

WELCOME to the new forum for thought exchange ... dee-smith.com!


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