Deliver Us From Evil

Angel, a teen MTV star, meets Jessica Nelson at her sixteenth birthday party.  Their budding friendship launches a kidnapping scheme with a destination to a tower of a seven hundred year old English castle, leaving them at the mercy of a psychotic nobleman who has tortured and killed before. 

Why I wrote Deliver Us From Evil 

In October 2003, God laid a special mission on my heart. For my first novel, he challenged me to become a part of His plan to combat the escalating evidence of child abuse and increasing infiltration of occult beliefs into our culture. Why me, I asked?  And, why three books instead of one?

As I delved into my research, frightening memories returned, and, at times, I felt darkness coming over me.  Evil is real even if it cannot be seen.  But God never issues a command without promises of protection, comfort, and guidance through the shadowed valleys.  Soon, I knew I must write this series because of my own history of childhood abuse and involvement with cults as a teen.  In my search for some kind of meaning for my life, the lure of cults was strong and attractive.  My driving need to belong somewhere and have power to destroy my abusers made me easy prey.  Life for me became a trail of emotional breakdowns, depression, and two broken marriages. I must reach teens and let them know through compelling fiction and my own story about healing that our only hope rests in the power of God, the Great Physician.

Today, I have a deep compassion and understanding for children of all ages, a strong faith in Jesus Christ, and unshakeable hope. This story if it reaches one endangered child or family will accomplish its purpose.

Too late, people discover — or live through — child abuse, kidnapping or murder of a loved one or someone they know. Knowledge is power, and knowledge about Jesus Christ and spiritual warfare is supreme power.

Deliver Us From Evil is Book One of a trilogy, the later books about the after effects of the characters’ traumatic experiences and their experiences after facing the truth that they will never pick up life “as before.”

Summary of Deliver Us From Evil

Thirteen-year-old Angela Ross, a small town Texas girl, runs away in terror after she shoots her father during his latest violent attack. She flees without knowing if he is dead or alive. Now a fugitive, she melts into the crowds of Houston, desperate and penniless.

The next day,  Angela walks a cobblestone path to the cottage of Philomena Jones, Psychic. Soon, Angela regrets entering the deceptive white cottage with its charming picket fence. Her regrets arrive too late and she's trapped.

Three years pass under the absolute control of Philomena, who isolates her and never allows her out without a bodyguard.  Angela matures into a beautiful young woman.  In true Hollywood style, Arnold Peck, a prominent talent agent, discovers her, grooms her into a teen music star, and renames her Angel.

At a performance, Angel meets Jessica Nelson, a devoted fan.  Both lonely girls bond and become friends.  Their meeting triggers a kidnapping plot and plunge them into indescribable horror as prisoners inside a medieval castle.  Angel uncovers the kidnappers' plans--plans so evil that they will die by torture in a few hours.  Can they escape?  Will rescue arrive on time?


Later that night, Angel crept out of bed and retrieved a candle.  Her hand shook as she lit the candle.  She judged about four hours had passed, which would put the time about ten-thirty.  She had an hour and a half to execute her plan.  Cupping her hand around the flame, she tiptoed to the cold fireplace.  She approached the opening and the candle sputtered -- nearly extinguished by the wind gusts funneling through the chimney.

Angel took a deep breath and said a quick prayer.  She set the candle on the mantle, kneeled and thrust her head as far as she could into the fireplace.  She tried a stage whisper first: "Jess.  It's Angel.  Come--to--the--fireplace."  She hoped no one but Jess occupied the room.

* *  *