Coming Up - Deliver Us Sequel

What happened to Angel after she escaped?  Did they ever catch Philomena?  Will Angel and Kos fall in love?

These are some of the questions my readers asked when they finished Deliver Us From Evil.  I'm happy to say that the questions are answered in my new book, Angel's Victory. 

Summary of Story:

Angela, teenage runaway turned into Angel, international MTV star, kidnap victim and escapee from an explosion and fire will never sing again.  Worse, her life is in danger because of her kidnappers, a gang boss out on bail and her guardian, a voodoo priestess.  They want to kill her before she can testify at their trial.  Angel is put in the witness protection program until the trial.  Her identity is changed to Mary Cantrell, nomad beachcomber.  However, Deputy U.S. Marshal Sheila Bains and retired U.S. Marshal "Tex" Banks cannot protect her from the storm of the century, head injury and amnesia, and two relentless killers.  How will she get out of these dangers?  Will Kos rescue her again?  Will Philomena be caught and jailed?  Does God intervene?  Angel's Victory will answer those questions. 


Mary jerked awake with the echo of mocking laughter resounding in her ears.  She trembled so hard her teeth chattered.  She slowly became re-oriented, grateful that it was a nightmare.  But she could have sworn she heard the front door rattling and Philomena’s laughter.   The thought of Philomena, her former guardian, brought up bad memories.  She shivered in fear.

As Angela Ross, she was a runaway and fugitive at thirteen.  Angela shot and wounded her father, despising him for all his beatings most of her life.  She thought after escaping the law and after meeting Philomena and Arnold Peck she could have a good life and freedom from abuse.  Things got worse.  Only God’s intervention saved her life in the last seconds before the explosion.

Looking at her watch, she saw it was three a.m.  She still had some sleeping time left and eventually fell asleep until dawn.

Sleep deprivation left her groggy and tired the next morning.  She thought a cup of coffee might clear her head.  While the coffee dripped, she walked to the deck door and unlocked it.

“That’s funny.  I never receive mail or packages.”

Maybe Tex left the package after she went to sleep last night.  Mary bent down and picked it up.  Once opened, she pulled out something made of straw.

“Oh no-o-o,” she groaned.

The straw object was a crudely woven doll with scraps of red material for a skirt and a lock of blond human hair—her hair.  A chill ran down her arms upon seeing the hatpin stuck into the doll’s head.  Mary knew exactly what it was and who put it there.  With deepening alarm, she hurled it into the trash bin nearby.

Philomena was here.  Her heart skipped a beat.  “Oh God, what do I do now?”


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